Thursday, 8 May 2014

First World Kabaddi league 2014 in India

 First World Kabaddi league 2014 in India
 First World Kabaddi league 2014 in India
World Kabaddi League game of Kabaddi , Sukhbir Singh Badal
Deputy Chief Minister , Punjab, Pargat Singh , sports administrator
and former Olympian headed by an enterprise with the launch is set for a major facelift . League Thyagaraj Sports Complex in mid-June , fully prepared for opening in 2014 , New Delhi . League Formula 1 and December tour follows the format of the game , starting from August 2014 will be played in 4 continents . The official website of World Kabaddi League ( Mr Badal, was launched today in New Delhi . Sukhbir Singh Badal in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent League , World Kabaddi League president said , " give their insight about , a hugely popular sport and Kabaddi Kabaddi World Cup in India, evidence of the past four same.I World Worldworldwide , nearly 200 existing in the league as the club with the use of Kabaddi will be played in four continents . Kabaddi , I this is just the beginning . " have . " As explained Raman Raheja , Chief Executive Officer , World Kabaddi League , we play a tour of the property on the same lines as the Formula 1 World Kabaddi League has tried to model and will visit 14 cities around the world , "said .amenities. League matches each season at each site will be celebrated with a unique blend of entertainment which is being played on the weekend will spread over a period of five months . " About WKL ( World Kabaddi League ) a society and world class sports entertainment , better price and the best service experience and engage with fans and business associates . The organization thus becoming a truly global audience , fans across countries and actively themselves , their teams and league participation between partners where one is committed to driving the overall benefits to the ecosystem . Kabaddi society that respects the rich tradition and will focus on contemporary as well as sports . For more information , please visit
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