We are living in the era of technology where we can connect with each other. We can share our posts with peers that are living far away from us. One more thing if you want that your post share and notice by many users then the trick that is mostly used is called hashtags. Hashtags help us to share the message with maximum users on social media. The sign of hashtags can be representing as #.When you guys decide to add hashtags to your post, keep in mind that wrong type of hashtags will give you the negative impact on your social profile.

So it’s better to know about the dos and don’tsof hashtags. We will share how to use hashtags effectively to get more traffic.

Effective use of Hashtags:

Following are the Do’s that will help you to best use of hashtags on your every post;


  • Hashtags in Trends

You can use Twitter the social media site and search what the trends. You will get the results of most use hashtags that are popular in the previous 30 days. This is the most effective way to attract people towards your posts.


  • Use of Twitonomy

Use of this tool is also very helpful to locate the Twitter hashtags. These hashtags will help you to boost your post easily. More people will see your post in their search bar.


  • Use of Rite Tag

Another unique that explain how we use hashtags effectively,who want to become familiar and convey their message in short time to the large community. Rite tag helps people to use data to show how to use hashtags in a wise manner, how it’s working and how you can also be successful in adding getting more traffic. You can get more options for this tool when you buy the premium offer but if this offer is beyond your limit. Then you can also go for the options that are free and having enough features.


  • Capitalize the Hashtags

This is the best way to prominent your post, whenever you need to add hashtags then the best way is to use every word capitalize. For Instance,you can add hashtags as #BestFriend.In this way, you can easily get your targeted audience.


  • Unique and Short Hashtags

Always choose those words that are short and unique in nature, avoid long words or hashtags. Long hashtags will decrease the dignity of your post and look very odd. Try to choose the real and most trendy words as your hashtags.

So these are little bit information about the do’s ofHashtags. Now come to the don’ts of using hashtags.


Don’ts of using Hashtags:


  • Never Use Spaces Between Words

Whenever you want to add hashtags, remember not to use any spaces between the words. For instance,you should add hashtags like #HangOut, not #Hang out. Always remember on social network pick only the first after # symbol so don’t add spaces between words.


  • Don’t add @ symbol

You are not to suppose add@ symbol while adding your hashtags. As we describe above only the # symbol is used for hashtags.


  • Don’t add too many Hashtags

The last tip that we want to share with you is about the number of hashtags you guys can add. Try to avoid too many hashtags and make your post useful in appearance.

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