Height plays a really important factor, especially when it comes to a male personality. According to a theory, it is proven that tall men are likely to be more creative than the short me. The reason behind this theory is still unclear, but it is believed that this might be due to a better developed health which results in a tall height and more intelligence in comparison to people who are less healthy. Lets not forget one of the main blessings of being tall, you are more likely to represent your country’s national basketball team than a shorter man. However, the paragraphs written below will decide better that whether being tall is a blessing or a curse.

What tall men should choose to wear

Apart from all the benefits which tall men, mostly enjoy, it is one heck of a job for them to find any perfectly sized clothes. This is where, the blessing starts turning into almost a curse. Taller men cannot wear anything what they find appealing, they need to be more cautious. Therefore, they need to stick to some of the brands which fit them perfectly. Outfitters and Levi’s, have some pretty good variety when it comes to accommodating taller men. It is certainly true that they offer longer inseams. The inseams size, which they usually mention on the tags can also be easily fitted for a person with an inseam size, a little more than the mentioned one. Although, both of these brands do not have such flexible sizes in simple dress shirts and T-shirts. Basically, you cannot find everything under one roof while visiting these two outlets.


Moreover, tall men opting for big patterns on their T-shirts and blazers are a big ‘NO’ because they will not look subtle at all. Such prints would make the personality appear a bit too loud and you surely do not want that. Always wear something which complements your personality. One can never go wrong with the darker shades, especially when it comes to choosing blazers. Blazers always look better in darker shades, no matter what your height is. The sleeve length should fit perfectly, you really do not want long sleeves and short sleeves are like a nightmare.

Always choose jeans which fits Tall mens clothing perfectly. It should neither be too long nor small, if you are looking to buy a slim-fit jeans, make sure it does fit you well. You should be able to feel the fabric without making you feel uncomfortable.


Top Trends for Tall mens clothing

Monochromatic patters are really in these days, for both the males and females. Such patters should not be too loud, a simple pattern would do wonders. Waistcoats and vests look classy too on tall men because they have got a long torso to be covered and both of these items can never go out of trend. Plain textured shoes also look great, especially on tall men, DO NOT go gaga over all those printed shoes available in the market, they will never look classy especially if you are tall. Just keep in mind that you have a height which is almost like a dream to many people out there and you want to style it accordingly just to enhance it a bit according to the latest trends

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