What all women want is to be able to save on expensive hair care procedures because aesthetics are very important. Nowadays many beauty salons work miracles in varied locks, but it is very possible to take care of their beloved curls or smooth at home.It´´ not necessary to spent on expensive products like viva hair, monovin and others. This list will show you how to make your hair beautiful, well-groomed and silky in a home-like way.

Know your hair

The first thing to do is know how to recognize what type of hair you have, whether it is dry, normal, oily, etc. Just so you can start choosing a shampoo more suitable for your hair type which already makes a lot of difference. After that it is essential to watch out for such care as never wash them with very hot water as this causes frizz, so it is advisable that you always wash your locks with warm or cool water.


Hydration is key part to the beauty and well-being of your hair. So those who have chemicals for straightenings, tinctures, lights, among others, should always be well hydrated and you can even take care of them by buying some moisturizing cream and performing the function once a week, which would be ideal. As you can do at home, it is suggested that after washing your hair pass the cream and wear a cap for the time indicated on the product packaging, after spending time just rinse so that no residue remains on the wires.

Strong hair

To keep your hair strong and healthy there are some very simple precautions that need to be taken, as always check if the products that were used for washing and cleaning the hair were well removed and that there is no residue on the wires, Traces of shampoo, creams, or conditioner on their hair, they can be badly damaged.

For those who use dryers and straightening boards, it often serves the same alert, so it is suggested that the use of these features is not done daily for those who want stronger hair. For those who like to tie their hair, it is important to use elastics made of fabric, the so-called “fru-fru”, instead of using the buckles as they leave the threads very brittle. It is worth remembering that holding them too tightly can also cause the wires to break in the same way.

Dry carefully

There is a culture that for the hair to dry well you need to rub it as if there was no tomorrow and this is completely wrong, by doing this your hair becomes a thousand times more damaged, what you should do is to tighten the towel a little Be careful and never make that turban on his head, because besides damaging him with the scrub, rubs will break all over him with that senseless turban. Also, never leave with your wet hair thinking that the sun will dry naturally, as this will “fry” them. So if you want to keep them shiny and soft, use products that protect against the sun’s rays.


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