Britain’s leading GP Helen Stokes-Lampard says she is “profoundly concerned” about the state of GP services in the UK. She said that general practice was “skating on thin ice” and that “something has to give”.


So what are the options open to patients looking for good quality general practitioner services without a three to four week wait? DocTap are an enterprising startup has started providing affordable, same day private GP services in London. Appointments can be booked online and last for 15 minutes rather than 10 minutes in the NHS. Prices start from £24 which seems very reasonable for a face to face private GP consultation. They have carried out over 1500 GP appointments since launching in July 2016 and their patients seem to be very happy with the service with 97% of patients recommending them.

Is this the future of general practice in London and the UK? With the current lack of resources and ever growing demand for GP services, it seems inevitable that more and more of those who can afford to pay for a private GP service will chose to do so.

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