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Instagram is not only used for social networking and staying connected with people you have in your circle but it is also used for interacting with unknown people and adding them in your circles. That means people who have more number of followers on instagram are more likely to have any people in their social circle. People will be having more number of friends and mates this will help them add new people in their lives. Today people think they will find life partner on instagram and for this purpose they start adding mire number of people in their accounts. People buy instagram followers and think they will become their friends. This is not always the case and people who buy followers they are not sure if these are real people or not. Some platforms are selling fake followers that are only waste of money for users. Users of instagram must be aware about wrong people running accounts on instagram.

Famous public figures

One common reason for people to sue instagram is to keep eye on celebrities and famous figures like models, sports person, anchors, politicians and leaders etc. most of the popular figure is having an account on instagram and celebrities belonging to different countries have made their accounts to get more popular among public. Celebrities share their personal and family pictures on instagram and people who want to know about their personal lives can easily follow them on instagram. It is also noted that the latest celebrity photos are shared on instagram first and then on any other social network.

Creating profile

Users of facebook can easily crease their profiles on instagram and set good display pictures that will tell other people in their circles about their accounts on instagram. When users create profile on instagram their contact list of facebook are informed automatically in this way they get followed by their facebook friends.

buy real instagram followers

Following hash tags

People buy real instagram followers but it is better to gain followers form other tactics. There are hashtags on intagram and users can follow them and comment on them in this way they will be known by many unknowns. When users of instagram find any profile attractive they are likely to follow them and in this way a person gets more number of followers.

Scams on instagram

People must be aware about scams that are happening on social sites and on instagram. These scams are happening every day some people claiming to provide real followers and some people trying to get close to you may involve some personal incentives; people must keep their personal information safe and protective.

Benefits of instagram

The main benefits of insatgram are that people find about other peoples’ life and can stay connected. There are not any financial benefits of istagram but many retail companies are using this platform for targeting more customers and increasing sales. This is also used as an effective marketing strategy as brands put pictures on instagram.

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