Michael Kors is an American fashion brand which is famous for producing top class watches, apparels, leather goods, footwear and many more. The content shares some of the important collections of the brand and the unique features related to the watches.

About the Brand

The brand has been named with the name of the founder, Michael Kors. He is one of the popular and renowned fashion designers in the world. His aesthetic sense reflects through the products of the brand. Their timepieces are designed in such a way that it brings a glaring touch to the characteristics of the modern generation. Michael Kors watches are a combination of quality and performance. They also represent elegance and flattering design. To captivate the mind of the watch lovers, the brand brings out utility and form to the line of watches which can be seen through the price of the watches. The distinguishing factor of the brand is that they give proper attention in details related to the construction, whether it is sewing or decorating. They show a perfect match with the brand’s accessories and other products.

The brand was launched in 1981 by Michael Kors. After that, Kors began to make watches and ready – to – wear clothing to get recognised from Dupont. Initially, he concentrated on making ready- made clothes that include accessories and swim suits in a harmonious manner. The watches of the brand concentrate on elegance and trending style. They contain functions such as water – resistance, analogue, chronograph, leather and stainless steel straps, multicoloured dials and many more.


There is a bunch of sporty and classy men’s and women’s collections like Parker, Darci, Runway, Sawyer, Brecken, Kerry, Blair, Smartwatch, Lexington and many others.

Michael Kors Women’s Collection


It contains fashionable and well decorated women’s watches which have features like chronograph, date display, day date and others. The round shaped dials are measured in various sizes, which have been coloured in rose gold, indigo, champagne, mother – of – pearl, white, golden, black and silver. They are studded with diamond at the top of the bezel. The inclusion of diamond provides an additional charm and gloss. The gold plated, stainless steel, two tone and leather straps are available with these watches. The colours of the straps are very attractive that matches with the overall design. Their steel body with either mineral glass or sapphire crystal glass provides a combination of strength and protection from getting scratches. All these watches are so good – looking that they suit the wrist of the wearers and also heighten their aura.

They are water resistant within a distance of 50 to 100 meters which extends their life. The day date feature provides the current date, the analogue display gives a touch of conventionality. Chronograph is a timekeeping device which records exact time, while the luminous hand provides the glow to the wearer’s wrist.



The Darci collection contains classy women’s watches which appear to be grand with their amazing designs. Diamonds studded at the top of the bezel adds a glamorous touch to the pieces. The round shaped dials have various sizes and are coloured in golden, silver, pink, beige and others. The bezel colours matches with the component parts and makes them a complete one. The stainless steel straps provide strength, while the two tone straps give variance. Their steel base brings a touch of solidity, while the mineral glass cover provides safety from scratches.


It is a women’s collection which contains overwhelming pieces comprising of extraordinary designs and luminous looks. Their round dials are coated in beautiful colours like mother – of – pearl, golden, blue, pink and rose gold. Bezel colours like golden and rose gold enhances the shine of the wearer’s hand. The steel case of the models provides the needed compactness, while the sapphire crystal glass protects from getting scratches. Their water resistant capability makes them durable. The quartz movement of the watches records accurate time. Features like analogue display, chronograph and date display are present in these watches.


This collection contains women’s watches which has attractive looks with the combination of awesome designs and features like analogue, chronograph and date display. These state – of – the art models have round dials with eye – catching colours like indigo, rose gold, white, maroon and brown. The leather straps give durability; stainless steel straps produce strength, while the two tone straps provide variance. Their steel case makes the watches strong, while the mineral glass cover gives protection from scratches. Their water resistant quality extends their performance, while the quartz movement gives accurate time.

Michael Kors Men’s Collection


This men’s collection comprises of watches which have a combination of sporty and classy features embedded in them. Their fascinating appearances make the models enticing. The round dials of these watches are made with colours like blue and black, which complements with the rubber, stainless steel and two tone straps to produce a varying effect. The golden, black, stainless steel and rose gold bezel heightens the sparkle of the watches and also elevates the mood of the wearer. Their steel body provides strength, while the mineral glass cover provides shield from scratches to make them solid. All the watches are water resistant within a distance of 30 to 100 meters. The quartz movement of the watches keeps perfect time. They have fantastic features like analogue, chronograph, date display and luminous hand which make them effective.


This assemblage consists of men’s watches comprising of mind – boggling designs with elegant looks. They have round shaped dials measuring 43mm. These dials include colours like black and blue. Their steel case makes them compact, while their mineral glass cover gives protection from scratches. The leather straps resist the watches from, ceramic straps makes them sleek, while the stainless steel straps provides strength. The black and steel bezel protects the watches from heat, while their powerful embellishment with the presence of silvery two hands and three sub – dials makes them really good- looking. The quartz movement of the watches helps to keep accurate time. Features like tachymeter, luminous hand, date display, chronograph and analogue display are present in these watches.

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