Why use VPN server?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network, allows you to connect to the internet with a private server controlled by a private VPN provider. It is a group of computers or devices networked together over a public network i.e. Internet. The data travelled between your devices, and VPN server is encrypted. You may have heard about VPN but not experienced one. If you haven’t then you should surely start using it, it is an excellent way of connecting to the network.

The major reason for using VPN is that your normal internet providers only give a large bandwidth of download, VPN gives more upload speed. So, if you need more upload speed then use a paid VPN service. Soon you will realise that a VPN network is as important as your internet connection.

VPN service providers

When you notice some of the famous and favourite VPN service providers, you will realise that it is not an easy task to do. Being best gives then great profits, and they will do anything to be one, anything! Moreover, here there are many VPN providers that may be difficult for you to choose one of them. You don’t necessarily have to pay for a VPN network because you can host one of your VPN servers from home. Some of the popular service providers are ExpressVPN and IPVanish VPN which provide you P2P traffic and are optimised for high speed.


Access from anywhere

Even you are travelling anywhere in the world you can access your home or business network anytime with the help of this amazing facility. The local resources are not exposed to the internet which helps you in maintaining the security of the network. You can share local files, play games, use video calling, etc. It’s same as you are using a local area network.

Complete Privacy

VPN Servers provide you complete privacy. You can hide your browsing activities from the local networks and ISPs. The local networks will only be able to see a single, secure, VPN connection. It also helps to by-pass the internet service provider’s connection monitoring feature.

Excellent download speed

If your internet connection for slow for downloading large files or BitTorrent, VPN is a first-rate recommendation. It will enhance the speed, and you can even download large files with no fuss of low speed. It easily eliminates the traffic and provides you fast and easy access to the network.

Access blocked websites

If some websites are blocked in your region, and you are not allowed to visit them while using a network in a particular geographical region, then VPN network is the best solution to visit them. If you want to access some of the American websites not available in your region like Pandora, Netflix, etc., you’ll be able to access these region restricted websites easily.

Connecting to VPN server is very simple. You can use it on any operating system. VPN gives enormous benefits like security, anonymity, privacy, speed, etc. even when you are away from your home.


Mario Cimmino Young Programmer & Warcraft Nerd


We had the fine pleasure of talking with Mario Cimmino, CEO of LinkBound and online entrepreneur. Mario spends most of his time focusing on business ventures but says the biggest thing he misses is World of Warcraft. “World of Warcraft was my favorite game as a kid. I wish I had more time to play”. When Mario was just 14 years old growing up in Revere, Massachusetts finance was always a tough subject in the house. Mario decided he wanted to take things into his own hands and began to develop programs and user interface addons for the game of World of Warcraft.

He claimed that he generated a couple hundred dollars in income and he knew then he wanted to make money online. At the age of 14 Mario did not have a checking account to deposit his PayPal money so asked his mom if he could deposit into hers. His mother was later stunned when she found several hundred dollars.

Mario claims she was so shocked she thought he had done something illegal. Mario states that he would like to get back into the video game, but was sadly disappointed in the latest release of the Warcraft movie. He also said that he is currently getting back into programming and stepping a bit away from entrepreneurship “I miss getting my hands dirty in the code. As a business owner you end up delegating a lot of your work to employees..

This is no fun but has to be done”. He said that he is currently learning the Python computer language to work with the up and coming data science trends. Mario says he will use the new skills he gains to further his business ventures but also develop some fun apps just to mess around. It was great to have Mario stop by the blog. We know he will be an up and rising entrepreneur and will keep a keen eye on him.


How to Use Hashtags Effectively?

We are living in the era of technology where we can connect with each other. We can share our posts with peers that are living far away from us. One more thing if you want that your post share and notice by many users then the trick that is mostly used is called hashtags. Hashtags help us to share the message with maximum users on social media. The sign of hashtags can be representing as #.When you guys decide to add hashtags to your post, keep in mind that wrong type of hashtags will give you the negative impact on your social profile.

So it’s better to know about the dos and don’tsof hashtags. We will share how to use hashtags effectively to get more traffic.

Effective use of Hashtags:

Following are the Do’s that will help you to best use of hashtags on your every post;


  • Hashtags in Trends

You can use Twitter the social media site and search what the trends. You will get the results of most use hashtags that are popular in the previous 30 days. This is the most effective way to attract people towards your posts.


  • Use of Twitonomy

Use of this tool is also very helpful to locate the Twitter hashtags. These hashtags will help you to boost your post easily. More people will see your post in their search bar.


  • Use of Rite Tag

Another unique that explain how we use hashtags effectively,who want to become familiar and convey their message in short time to the large community. Rite tag helps people to use data to show how to use hashtags in a wise manner, how it’s working and how you can also be successful in adding getting more traffic. You can get more options for this tool when you buy the premium offer but if this offer is beyond your limit. Then you can also go for the options that are free and having enough features.


  • Capitalize the Hashtags

This is the best way to prominent your post, whenever you need to add hashtags then the best way is to use every word capitalize. For Instance,you can add hashtags as #BestFriend.In this way, you can easily get your targeted audience.


  • Unique and Short Hashtags

Always choose those words that are short and unique in nature, avoid long words or hashtags. Long hashtags will decrease the dignity of your post and look very odd. Try to choose the real and most trendy words as your hashtags.

So these are little bit information about the do’s ofHashtags. Now come to the don’ts of using hashtags.


Don’ts of using Hashtags:


  • Never Use Spaces Between Words

Whenever you want to add hashtags, remember not to use any spaces between the words. For instance,you should add hashtags like #HangOut, not #Hang out. Always remember on social network pick only the first after # symbol so don’t add spaces between words.


  • Don’t add @ symbol

You are not to suppose add@ symbol while adding your hashtags. As we describe above only the # symbol is used for hashtags.


  • Don’t add too many Hashtags

The last tip that we want to share with you is about the number of hashtags you guys can add. Try to avoid too many hashtags and make your post useful in appearance.


MoonMKG SEO Milano Making a Difference

MoonMKG SEO Milano, the leading digital marketing firm in Italy brings forward a wide array of services that gives your business a competitive advantage. Work along with the best online marketing service in the whole country that makes sure you succeed in your motives. We take care of every small detail just for your convenience.  To provide you with the best, we take care of even the smallest details.

This includes Analysis of Website, UX, Navigation, Meta Tags, creating SEO CONTENT, Suggesting Blog for inbound marketing and SEO.

Meet the company that produces work for the sake of effective marketing. We create revenue via content and brand awareness. The Moon Marketing SEO Milano drives traffic to enjoy relevant result to harness the power of digital marketing.

Providing our clients with the best, we craft a precise strategy with position and production.

Our company understands that your website and online position is key to marketing success. We create a balance between thetone of voice, UX, and effective content. Being simple is hard today, but it’s of utmost importance and we love it.


Better Brand Experience

Believing in the power of experience as it connects people and instills them in an unforgettable way. We build relations as these do their bard to build a brand.  So, enjoy your time working with a brand that is fully integrated. But why you need to trust us with your needs? Let the following answer that

  • Enjoy results through integration with digital channels
  • Get control of your budget and allocate it where needed the most
  • Take benefit of economies of scale and holistic approach to your digital marketing

We look forward to offering you an effective strategy which will work for your company. We work with an effective online campaign which will prosper your business by delivering traffic, sales, enquiry and a heavy return on your marketing investment. We don’t work only to succeed, but we want to create something that matters, we work to make a difference.

Progressing With Our Goals

We take a professional approach to achieve our goals. This includes creating strong and viral content for natural linking, searching for influencer blogger and digital PRs all to increase your brand awareness. Even more, we have acquired a new important company for better digital.

So if you want to take your business to a whole new level with digital marketing, work with MoonMKG SEO Milano and reach new heights of success.


Fe-el Customer experience in Milano City

For a business to do well in the competitive markets available nowadays, it is critical that a competitive advantage is gained. Nowadays, with the increase in the use of the internet, more aggressive online marketing campaigns and the power of social media, it has become more demanding for any business to compete. As a result, businesses need to better understand their target markets’ needs and preferences so as to better respond to them and entice them to buy. To deal better with customers, it is important to put into practice the Fe-el Customer experience in Milano City. Our digital customer experience enables you to truly feel what your customers need. We will help you to develop and attain an integrated approach through which you will be able to get a better customer insight. Fe-el Customer experience Milano City is all about utilizing various data processes and technologies, combined with customer analytics, so as to enable your business to become more customer-oriented and more insightful with regards to your customers’ needs.

In such a way the Fe-el Customer experience in Milano City can be transformed and improved dramatically. This will allow you to attract more and more customers, which obviously results in more sales and profits for your business. The Fe-el Customer experience in Milano City is the best way for you to gain that unique competitive advantage and lead your business to success.

How can the Fe-el digital agency in Milano City allow you to reach out to your customers and get to know them better?

  1. With our integrated customer analytics which are predictive and advanced, we will be able to help you identify what your customers want. We do this through data queries and analysis.
  2. The results of the analytics process are utilized in a way that will allow us to get customer insight. Thanks to this insightful data you will be able to focus on what really matters most for your firm, and the information will be utilized in a meaningful and useful way.
  3. We will help you to make the best use of the data with our data management services. By utilizing both internal and external data integration and management we will be in a position to ensure that analytical and reporting procedures are integrated, so that they will be more reliable and accurate for your decision making processes.


The Fe-el Customer experience in Milano City addresses your unique capabilities to get into the market more successfully and effectively. Our company is made up of professionals in the fields of marketing, merchandising, customer management and operations analytics. We also have specialists in software development. We amalgamate our skills together so as to cost effectively improve your company’s position towards increasing and improving customer insight abilities. With our help your business can achieve customer insight in an ongoing manner, so that you will keep improving and adapting to diverse customers’ needs and preferences. In such a way the Fe-el Customer experience in Milano City becomes a flexible and adaptable process which will help your business grow and develop in its respective market.

Developing your brand affinity by means of convincing customer experiences is the best way for your business to do well in the market. Managing to become a customer oriented firm by making the best use of date and actionable information from different interactions, is your best way forward to lead your business to success. This applies to any organization operating in any business environment or sector.

So what are you waiting for? Embrace the Fe-el Customer experience in Milano City and harness its power to take your business to the next level!