Bajaj V15: A comprehensive overview of the bike

Bajaj Auto Limited is introducing new bikes to the people of India on regular basis. This time, they have decided to bring something a bit different than their traditional bikes. So, they used the scrape metal from INS Vikrant and manufactured this bike. Although some people do not like this at all because there are a lot of questions when someone talks about the performance of such metal. However, the company is branding it with confidence. There are certain other aspects as well that you need to see. Therefore, we are bringing this Bajaj v15 review to you and here we will talk about the Bajaj v15 specifications.


Although it may not be the design that you love but the engine is really powerful. The V15 comes with a 150cc engine that is going to give you a lot of driving power. The engine makes around 12PS at the rpm of 7500. So, one can say that the bike is particularly made in order to provide the drivers some torque. The 13Nm at the RPM of 5500 with a torque curve that is high and flat.

Moreover, the company also state that it shares the INS Vikrant’s power to weight ratio. This helps in increasing the top speed of the bike and boosts the acceleration. At the start, the engine feels smooth and steady. However, after the speed reaches 55-60 kmph, the vibration rises. To get 100 kmph at V15 requires some effort!

Chassis and suspension

Bajaj is introducing new engine with this bike. So, they bring in a new chassis which is said to be a “brand-new double cradle chassis.” The riding quality of this bike is increased with this chassis. The gas charged right side forks along with the rear twin shocks will ensure that you enjoy a smooth ride and a comfortable journey. So, if you are regularly visiting the areas with bad roads and bumps, this might be the bike that you are looking for.


When riding the bajaj in traffic, you will feel like you are riding something longer than the traditional bike. The chassis are pretty much active and easy to move which enables you to change direction quickly while you are driving.

The design

Bajaj has made a stand out design when you talk about the 150cc commuter bikes. At a glance, this might not even feel like such a bike. The design might not be eye-catching but it is made to compliment the design of 1980s bike models. It is simple and sleek yet powerful and neo-retro. The muscular power of this bike is backed up by the outlay and with 18 inches front and 16 inches rear wheel, you can be sure that you are riding a pretty handsome bike.



The Bajaj V15 price in India is still a matter of debate. It is around 62,000 to 65,000 Indian rupees. It is not just the bike that they will give you at this price. They will also hand over to you a rear seat cowl, a grab rail and maybe a safety bar. All these things are not fixed in your bike. However, if you like, you can ask the mechanic to put them on your bike. They are extra measures that one may take for ease and safety.

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