The Leak-Proof Travel Coffee Mugs is on your way

If coffee or tea were a part of your daily routine on a car or bus on your way to work place or school, it would make much sense that you choose the suitable gear for your need on a daily basis. How to choose the best travel coffee mugs is simpler that you might think. Do you need a handy mug? Do you need 100% leak-proof mug? Are you looking for stylish one? Is the mug offering you the long hour preservation time? Do you need a tea infuser filter integrated?

In the market, there are quite many brands and products but there are few better travel mugs than the Contigo West Loop Auto-Seal Travel Mugs.

The unique feature of Contigo compared to the others is on their one-touch button, which they call AUTOSEAL® button, that makes it impossible to spill coffee over from the mug by accident.  The button is placed topside of the bottle that is ergonomic design as well as user interface-friendly. Only by pressing this button each time, the small port at the top of the mug opens and you can sip coffee. The button closes the port as soon as you release your hand on it. You do not have to worry of split liquid in any events. To make double sure that coffee does not split in any worst cases, Contigo adds a Lock on the lid. It is designed to reinforce the AUTOSEAL® button to prevent it from being pushed accidentally.

It is fantastic that you can throw your Contigo Travel Mugs to wherever you want without worrying split. One great advantage with the Contigo is that you can put the Contigo any place inside your car even if the car has no proper cup-holder. Take this advantage of a Contigo mug on a daily basis; you would trust enough to cram it into a backpack, with your valuable laptop, while it’s filled with coffee or tea, as it is 100% leak-proof best travel coffee mugs.

Another great feature of Contigo is on the lid. The lid is designed perfectly for easy clean at the top rack of a dishwasher. Simply push back the knob to clean and put in the dishwasher, you do not need to dismantle the lid.


The Art of Design and Luxury of Bed Clothes


When we talk about the art of designing and luxury of Bed clothes people mostly get confused by word bed clothes. Let me explain this beautiful industry that is still unknown to many of us. The word bedding is the origin of word bedclothes. Since Nowadays there is mattress over the bed, bedclothes are the materials/clothes that are put on the mattress for warmth, the beauty of the mattress that gives it a designing factor. Most of the times bedclothes in Asia are used just to keep the mattress clean. Well, bedclothes are removable that can be washed later.


Bedclothes can also be sued to cover for blankets pillows bed covers and quilt. It is similar to children decorating their beds with different stuff toys or older people decorating their bedsides with beautiful flowers and different kinds of luxury stuff. When we talk about bedding we should not forget the lead in the design world when it comes to bedding. It is none other than V&A Bedding.

V&A Bedding

Victoria and Albert Museum that is located in London is the origin of V&A Bedding. Since we already know about the Museum we have an idea how good it is. Victoria and Albert Museum is the largest and leading art and design museums. The uniqueness of this museums is that it have more than one forty art galleries and its collection dates back to five thousand years. Museum has a high reputation in the society so that is why a large number of exhibitions are held under the supervision and sometimes they are funded. V&A bedding is one the highest attention gainer at the museums.

It not only attracts the buyer but gives it a regular boasting. Store of V&A Bedding sells a large amount of designs of bedding and different decorations for rooms and home globally through a store. In United kingdom V & A is quite famous for its work.


All designs are originated  by the art collection at the museum. Since the Museum has a large collection of design going back all those years Sometimes you will see an old antique design printed on the bedding fabric while sometimes design are mixed with new ideas to make it look good and adaptive. The invention of new designs is a great initiative taken by the museum itself to keep the history contained and people attached to it. So when the new designs are mixed with an old design they are easily accepted by the new generation. While old generation can still have the feel of the old designs. Since there are so many designs to choose from it gets very tricky to choose what best suits your bedroom.  So here are few things that should be on your top lists while choosing V&A Bedding.

There are few things that you should always remember about this product:


  1. Long Life
  2. Sophisticated Texture
  3. Luxury
  4. Comfort
  5. Latest Designs
  6. High Quality
  7. No Color Change after years
  8. Unique Designs
  9. Best for all season use
  10. Variety

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