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Premier Designs Jewelry is one of the best fashion jewelry companies worldwide. They sell great jewelry at considerably affordable prices. Whether you are a fun of simple pearls or chunky dramatic jewelry they have something that suits every individuals taste. Premier design fashion jewelry is the place to find the latest, fashionable and classic jewelry without having to worry about the cost. If you do not want to be left behind as fabulous fashion jewelry trends emerge on the world of fashion visit the Premier Jewelry. They have Jewelry that transforms somber attire into a sensational outfit. The types of Jewelries that illuminates your finest features and draws attention walk in.


As the popularity of jewelry increases the Premier designs has continued to grow with the demands. No wonder almost every woman out there who is a fanatic of style and class never goes without a piece of jewelry from the renowned Premier high fashion Designs. However, with the current economy, consumers are minimizing their spending and finding ways to live within their means. They have provided innovative solutions for the budget conscious jewelry fanatics. They stand for best quality, expertly crafted and classic jewelry at pocket friendly costs. They offer interesting designed pieces that can be interchanged or worn in multiple ways for those who may not afford to have a thousand pieces.

Premier design works
The Premier design works with ladies of all ages to help them enhance their look through fashion. They understand the uniqueness of every individual and always give you a product that is best for you. If you are that busy woman who never gets time to switch jewelry after work, they definitely have a piece for you that will go well at your work place as well as at that evening party. If you are that jewelry lady but struggles with accentuating your appearance with the right jewelry combination, the Premier Designs will not only sell you jewelry but will show you how to wear and match your jewelry. Their team of experts gives you a chance to try different accessories and gives you a variety of tips on the best combination in regard to your body type, color, your outfit and the occasion.


Purchasing jewelry
When purchasing jewelry from the Premier Design you are sure to get genuine, fashionable and most important a quality product. They give you an opportunity to choose from the latest trends in. The company is reputable and knowledgeable about their jewelry line and this plays a major role in ensuring that their customers get the best of jewelry without disappointments. Finding a jewelry that is not poorly made or cheesy takes hard work and a lot of attention on every piece. Luckily with the Premier designs you are sure your hands are on the right product without much hassle. In recent times the quality, design and style of High Fashion jewelry has become even better. Premier High Fashion Designs are on top of the market as far as producing leading fashions is concerned.

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How to build up your make up collection

There are a great many things that you might like to add to your make up collection in the future, and with this being the case you may well have a huge list of items that you would like to buy. With this in mind, you should think about how to build up your make up collection right from the start, as there are many things including rose gold makeup brushes that you might like to make the most of. So, with everything from a toothbrush makeup brush to all of the colours of the rainbow, you should make sure that you have everything that you need.

The ideal make up bag

It is always important that you are able to keep the whole of your make up collection in one place, and with this in mind the perfect bag is vital. You need to make sure that it is the right size for your collection, and that it contains a number of pockets so that you can have a storage system that means you know exactly where everything is going to be in your bag. This means that you will be prepared no matter what it is that you need to find – and this is something that will be incredibly positive in the long term.

Primers and foundation

You always need to ensure that your make up has the best possible base, and with this in mind you should check that you have the primers and foundation that you need in your collection. You may find that you need to test a few different shades and brands to get one that works well for you, but once you have made the effort to do this, this is certainly a key staple of your beauty bag.

Brushes and sponges

Application is key – and there are a huge number of people who simply use their hands to apply the make up to their face. This is never going to get the best results, so you always need to ensure that you are equipped perfectly for the job. You should have a variety of options based on the make up that you wish to apply, and then always make sure that you wash your brushes correctly, and replace them when you have had them for a certain period of time, as you may be at risk of infection if you fail to do this.


Removal wipes

It is good to wear make up, however it is important for the good of your skin that it is always removed properly, too. Doing so will mean that your face is nice and fresh at the end of the day, and this gives it the chance to breathe at night – so having removal wipes as a key part of your collection is vital.

Making sure your make up collection is up to scratch is something that is incredibly important, as it means that you will always have everything that you need no matter what the occasion. Having a well thought out make up collection means that you will always be able to wow the crowd – which is a great thing to be able to do.



How to create the perfect make up tutorial

If you have any kind of interest in make up at all, then you may well have watched tutorials on the internet in the past as a way to get to grips with new techniques that you can use to ensure that your make up is always high quality no matter what look you are aiming for, or what the occasion might be. If you feel as though your oval makeup brushes deserve to be seen by the world, then there is a chance that you have considered making one of these tutorials for yourself and then uploading it onto the internet. So, if you want to show everybody how to use a toothbrush makeup brush, or how the blend the perfect shades of things such as eye shadow and foundation, this guide will help you to do just this.

Provide a clear introduction for your viewer to follow

This is an important stage, as it helps people to see exactly what it is that you are going to show them. At this stage in the video, you should show them what the finished product will look like, and also outline everything that they need to complete the look for themselves. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to replicate a look, getting half way through a tutorial, only then to find that you are missing something that you need because you weren’t told about it at the beginning of the process.

Set out key steps

If you simply video yourself doing your make up, then there is a chance that people are going to get lost, and they may therefore not really be able to follow what it is that you are actually doing. To help with this, you need to make sure that you are setting out the steps that you are taking. It can also help to play them in real time, and then slow them down and play them again just in case they were missed the first time. This is a good way of being able to allow people to keep up with what you are doing.


Recap at the end

Once you have reached the end of your tutorial, people will be happy that they are able to recreate the look that they aim to. However, you should always make sure that you recap on the stages that you went through, as this means that it can cement the process in the mind of the viewer, so that they will be able to recreate any look that they like in the future.

Making video tutorials can be a great way of getting your name out there if you want to be known in the make up industry. For this reason, it is well worth considering it as an option for the future, as it could give you the chance to let everybody know what you are capable of. You may also find that you are able to have a lot of fun along the way, too!