5 Wonderful Professionals Getting the Highest Salaries

All professionals are paid handsomely in the whole world but the income statistics of some of them really surpass the others. Moreover, the ever-changing economic scenario does not impact these professions. Hence they are regarded as the safest professions. In the following you can find a choosy list of wonderful professionals getting the highest salaries in the world.

 How much does a lawyer make?

Think how much do a lawyer make? The answer is there is no specific limit. If the American attorney Howard K. Stern has a wealth of $500,000, there is Wichai Thongthan, lawyer from Thai origin having a $1.1 Billion worth. With the every passing day, a professionally sound lawyer has more chances of enhancing his/her annual income. Generally speaking, a lawyer can hope to earn a median income of $130,490 a year. Though the first-year law associates will earn even less at the beginning of their careers but there are ample chances of grooming and ensure better income prospects.

  1. How much does a dentist make a year?

A dentist earns an average salary of $166,810 according to the statistics of Bureau of Labor on how much does dentists make a year. However, there are many allied professions in dentistry where the income statistics of professionals vary. For an instance, in America, the annual income of dental assistants is $36,260 whereas the dental hygienists can hope to make $71,970 per annum. Dentist RNs have an income of $69,790 per year. And surprisingly, the dentist pharmacists have handsome income of $118,470 a year.

  1. How much does a vet tech make a year?

The profession of veterinary technologists and technicians is one of the most significant and rewarding professions in the world with a steady growth and the safest income prospects. A Vet tech earns per annum a median salary of $31,070 in the year 2014 as per the statistics published by BLS. The upper salary limit remained $45,710 and at the bottom level, the fresh entrants in the profession made $21,390 per year. The Vet Techs in America have also the opportunities of offering their services to private clinics and hospitals and hence can add to their regular income.

  1. How much does a chef make a year?

Culinary Chefs have ample opportunities to earn at smaller, medium and large hotels. Most of the chefs are paid hourly wages that range from $11.13 to $35.44. However, they are also employed as regular personnel and are paid on monthly basis. In the United States, a culinary chef can earn $41,610 per year according to the BLS statistics.

  1. How much does a registered nurse make a year?

The registered nurses anywhere in the world have better income prospects than many professionals. There are numerous work opportunities for them in healthcare centers to hospitals and private clinics. The annual median income statistics is $66,640 in USA whereas the top job salary, the rns earn $98,880.

The above list of wonderful professionals getting the highest salaries can be expanded by adding a few other professionals having excellent income prospects. Most prominent among such professionals are Orthodontists ($187,200), Anesthesiologists ($187,200) Family and general practitioners ($184,390), and company chief executives ($175,110) a year.