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Things a Woman Should Avoid To do on a Date


Dating can be fun and exciting, and can lead to more dates with a wonderful man. It can bring so many sweet things to say about in near future, but there are some things a woman just should not do if she hopes to have another date with that wonderful man.  Following are just a few tips on things that a woman should never do when on a date.

A woman should never nag a man.  Nagging a man has got to be the biggest turn off.  What man will want to go out again with a woman who nags him while dating him?  If she nags while on a date, what will she do if things became more serious?  Let the man be himself. You either like him just as he is or move on.

Never be a nag! Don’t spend the entire date talking about your ex boyfriend.  If all you do is talk about him that only tells the man that he is on your mind just a wee bit much.  Not only does it make you insensitive to your date, chances are he isn’t going to want to date you again to listen to more drama.  Leave the talking about the ex boyfriend to share with your girlfriends.

sweet things to say

Most women love to talk.  It seems to be part of being a female.  But it’s not a good thing to hog the conversation when dating.  Most likely your date will be bored quickly when he is unable to get a word in because you won’t stop talking long enough to let him get a word in edgewise.  Instead of constantly talking, close the mouth, open the ears, and listen to him.  Not only will you learn more about your date, he will probably feel a lot more appreciated because you actually take the time to listen to him instead of constantly talking.

Don’t try to be someone or something that you are not.  Don’t lie to your date and don’t be dishonest with him.  If the date turns into something more serious at a later time, you’ve got some explaining to do when it’s discovered that you were not honest to begin with.  Rather than take the chance of losing what could be a good thing, just be yourself from the beginning and be honest.

Stay off the cell phone with your girlfriends while on a date.  Don’t be so inconsiderate while on a date with a man and make him feel left out because you can’t stay off the phone while with him.  Either leave the cell phone at home or turn it off.  You are on a date with this wonderful man, not your cell phone.

Don’t expect your date to be a mind reader.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  If you won’t say what you are thinking or feeling, he isn’t going to magically know what’s going on inside your head. For more info on the subject, click here.