Floor strengthening in schools; now it can be done

Sicurtecto SRL is one of the pioneers of an innovative floor reinforcement technique. Its safety and floor protection interventions are performed in dry and non-invasive mode, and they are completed in a short space of time. The skilled workers of Sicurtecto SRL have been working in this sector for years, ensuring the best solutions to stem the deterioration that affects the cement mix floors of many buildings, particularly those of schools.

Protecto and Sicurtecto services optimally and lastingly solve the main problems affecting floors and that threaten the safety of people and property: the separation and falling of plasterand structural instability.


The separation and falling of plaster from floors

The separation and falling of plaster is a common feature of many floors, especially those subject to an excessive load with respect to the quality of the project and the materials with which they were originally made. The separation and falling of plastermeans the yielding of the bottom part of the hollow bricks, usually used to lighten the deck. This yielding also brings the plaster underneath with it, causing a considerable fall of materials: in the case of separation and falling of plaster of 1 square metre of deck, this may spread over the floor for up to 35kg of material; while in the event that the separation and falling of plaster is extended to the whole of the floor surface (for a classroom this means at least 20 square metres), the yielding would affect 1,500kg of material considering plaster and hollow bricks.


Structural instability of floors

The structural instability concerns the decksupporting elements, and in particular concrete slabs, which are no longer able to resist the stresses. Unlike the separation and falling of plaster, structural instability is a more seriously degenerativephenomenon, capable of leading to a real collapse. At this point, floorreinforcement become a top priority to avoid serious damage or the unfitness for use of entire floors.


Floor reinforcement in school buildings

The safety of floors is a requirement of many school buildings that have the ceilings of their classrooms in an advanced state of decay. The separation and falling of plaster and instability are frequent problems in old schools which have little maintenance work.

School headmasters and headmistresses are often forced to close entire classrooms which risk collapse because they are unable, because of the limited budget or restructuring that is too invasiveforthe performance of adequate maintenance.


This is why Sicurtecto SRL has developed an effective floor reinforcement system, on a low cost and non-invasive basis and which is suitable for all types of damaged buildings. The company does not limit itself to interventions in school buildings but extends its scope to all high social value structures. For example, the worksto secure the floors of the Province of Milan Rozzano 2 ASL (health authority). The hospital had floors with theseparation and falling of plaster in different parts of the building, a serious danger to the safety of patients, medical staff and equipment. After a closure period, the authorities resorted to Sicurtecto SRL Rinforzo Solai and the floor reinforcement workswere a great success: more than 200 square metres of flooringwere made safe in just four days, which enabled the hospital to return to providing its community service.